There are two ways to submit or pitch your writing to Bellona Magazine:

1.)   Several months prior to the release of each issue of the journal, we will outline its thematic contours and open up a period for submissions. Submissions should consist of a clearly-sketched outline  which lays out the piece’s primary objects of criticism and proposed intervention. We do not dictate length requirements, but journal essays tend to be longer, more intensive and require claims to be thoroughly evidenced.

2.)   The second option for those seeking to publish with Bellona is via our year-round blog. While the journal is only published twice-yearly, we will accept blog submissions year-round. Our expectations for blog submissions are similarly rigorous, and pieces should be well-evidenced and clearly argued, but length and content requirements are more fluid. If you are unclear whether your submission is a fit for the journal or the blog, please do not hesitate to reach out and we will work out the extent of the project.


Editorial Collective

Jon Davies, Jean-Hugues Kabuiku, Rafael Lubner, Gabriel Meier

Bellona Magazine is a biannual journal and publishing collective.

We are a group of artists, culture workers and writers who seek a new paradigm for critical expression. Against the “creative” forms of mass consumption and instrumentalized social relations that predominate in the culture industries today, Bellona is our attempt to resituate criticism as a site of contemplation and contestation. Our primary object of critique is music, specifically its circumscription in the commodity-form, but our interests also range to film, literature and the visual arts, all undergirded by a broad political economic critique. At this conjuncture, it is difficult to imagine a music or a criticism unbound from contemporary exploitation, extraction and subsumption, but Bellona Magazine aims to collectivize the tools currently at hand so as to build towards that future.

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