The inaugural issue of Bellona Magazine addresses the theme of ‘AUTONOMY’ through a series of timely injunctions on experimental cultural forms, historical communism, technological development, the means of music production and pop song composition.

The question of AUTONOMY – its form, location and structure – is a crucial one for left political thought and practice, bringing together theorizations of aesthetics, strategies of collective politics and modes of historical analysis. It is a question that bracketed struggle in the twentieth-century and persists as an axiomatic proposition for artists, workers and revolutionaries in the twenty-first.

Bellona Magazine is a small team of writers, editors and culture industry workers. We operate as a non-profit and could not exist without support from our readers. Subscribers to Bellona will receive access to the digital ebook/PDF magazine, past issues and interviews, reading lists and interviews shared via our monthly newsletter. Subscriber to Bellona here.

Bellona Magazine is a biannual journal and publishing collective.

We are a group of artists, culture workers and writers who seek a new paradigm for critical expression. Against the “creative” forms of mass consumption and instrumentalized social relations that predominate in the culture industries today, Bellona is our attempt to resituate criticism as a site of contemplation and contestation. Our primary object of critique is music, specifically its circumscription in the commodity-form, but our interests also range to film, literature and the visual arts, all undergirded by a broad political economic critique. At this conjuncture, it is difficult to imagine a music or a criticism unbound from contemporary exploitation, extraction and subsumption, but Bellona Magazine aims to collectivize the tools currently at hand so as to build towards that future.

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